I See You


I see you . . . Uncle Sam’s abandoned children.
I see you struggling to exist
in a society that says you shouldn’t,
a society with loud, unwelcome opinions
on how you should look,
how you should behave,
who you should love.
I see you, the fear on your face
rooted deep in your soul
as everything you’ve worked to attain
is stripped away bit by bit.
I see you doing your best to ignore
those who spit at you
and scream obscenities
in the name of eternal salvation.
I see you curled away under layers of blankets,
trying to silence the doubt and the pain
as tears create little wet paths down your cheeks.
I see you standing on the edge of a precipice,
contemplating, debating
if it’s all worth anything anymore.
But I see you, the fight still within you.
I know you’re tired.
Losing a battle doesn’t mean the war is over.
Rest up, regroup.
I see you . . . you matter.


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