The Self-Made Trail

I came to a fork
where the path diverged
into multiple branches:
some worn
and well-traveled,
others overgrown
and abandoned.
So I closed my eyes,
took a deep breath,
and trusted my intuition
as I left the path
to forge my own way.


Pregnant Rumination

I can’t see it,
not yet,
but I can feel it
whirling about
near the edges of my thoughts,
daring me to come look:
How bold and beautiful!
How terrible and awesome!
Just take a peek…

It intends to move mountains
and shake foundations,
to turn everything
we thought we knew
into outright chaos—
perhaps it’s time I birthed it,
this winsome little idea;
perhaps it’s time it had the chance
to entice and impress more
than a single mind.

via Daily Prompt: Winsome

2017 in Retrospect

I feel as though I only vaguely
remember the past year,
the details fuzzy around the edges
like remembering a dream upon waking;
and yet I vividly remember
hatred and anger and bitterness,
the screaming and fighting
over subjective righteousness.
Could we have a little more listening
and understanding for the next 365?

Winter’s Flame

As Herald of Rime and Rapport,
Lady Winter,
her alabaster semblance
cloaking the warmth
of a well-stoked hearth,
brings forth gifts of Love and Light
upon frigid northern winds,
seeking to melt frozen hearts
and unite them in kinship
to keep one another warm
amid the chill of a bitter world.