The Neophyte

I am born anew;
My comfort lies in your faith
And you brighten my spirit.
Your unfailing love
Has affected my world–
A refreshing change.

For so long I’ve awaited change,
To see myself made new.
I clung to my faith,
Awaiting my twin spirit;
I’ve longed to love
In this imprudent world.

And what a world!
Hinged on the axis of change,
The old delivers the new;
Ideas write and rewrite faith
While crushing and rebuilding spirits.
The only constant is love.

For years I searched for love
Amid the fog that embodies the world,
Hoping to spy a distinct change.
I scoured the old, hoping for new,
But I needed a light to recover my faith,
A lamp to illuminate my spirit.

And instead I found your spirit,
Radiant and brimming with love
Amid the chaos and shadows of the world.
With open arms I embraced the change
And felt myself transform and renew
In this newfound faith.

You embody the terms of my faith
With the virtue of your spirit.
I submerge myself daily in your love
To wash away the cinders of the world.
I give thanks to the positive change
And appreciate how you’ve made me new.

In your renewal of my faith,
My spirit has learned to love
The world and accept its many changes.

via Daily Prompt: Neophyte

Autumnal Relief

The skeletons slink
back to their crypts
as the bats and the witches
cancel their flights;
the air grows cooler and more crisp
as pumpkins transition
from jack-o’-lanterns to pies.
Autumn lingers a while longer,
stripping the trees of their
kaleidoscopic garments
and redressing the faded viridian grass
with a coarse browned carpet–
Winter’s arrival is fast approaching,
but Autumn’s company is savored
while it lasts.