The Mother’s Vow

The cold winds
whisper promises of
across frozen lakes,
but the thaw
will take time.


Winter’s Flame

As Herald of Rime and Rapport,
Lady Winter,
her alabaster semblance
cloaking the warmth
of a well-stoked hearth,
brings forth gifts of Love and Light
upon frigid northern winds,
seeking to melt frozen hearts
and unite them in kinship
to keep one another warm
amid the chill of a bitter world.

Seasonal Cycle

In summer
when the sweltering heat
becomes almost unbearable,
we beg Mother Nature
for a blessing of
cool breezes,
perhaps a little snow.

Then winter arrives: wish granted.

But then we’re asking Her
for warmth and greenery,
a little fun in the sun,
as we shiver and layer
more blankets on our beds.

Summer comes ’round once more:
again wish granted,
without question,
without fail.

But my, such fickle creatures are we.