And Counting [TW]

13,293 and counting.

(it’s too soon to talk about it)

How many
before we decide it’s

(we need more good guys with guns)

How many
until there’s no hope of

(it’s not a gun issue)

How many?


Providence by Proxy

Sovereign authorities drink their wine
and puff cigars in secret rooms
while the masses they shepherd
languish in poverty;
favored with surfeit,
they watch paupers
starved of care

via Daily Prompt: Proxy

Autumnal Relief

The skeletons slink
back to their crypts
as the bats and the witches
cancel their flights;
the air grows cooler and more crisp
as pumpkins transition
from jack-o’-lanterns to pies.
Autumn lingers a while longer,
stripping the trees of their
kaleidoscopic garments
and redressing the faded viridian grass
with a coarse browned carpet–
Winter’s arrival is fast approaching,
but Autumn’s company is savored
while it lasts.

The Dadaist

Original text: Huffpost Article


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